Highly skilled and trusted, Femke shares twenty five years of experience and practice with the utmost care and commitment to her clients. Femke is at the forefront of her field and a pioneer in Exercise Kinesiology. The last ten years have been primarily dedicated to practicing, developing and testing movement models and "corrective exercise formulas" for production and educational purposes.    

Femke studied and practiced alongside leaders in her field as a senior intern and assistant instructor at the CHEK Institute, California, USA; among other leading institutions. Femke has been practicing as a exercise kinesiologist for over fifteen years at her own studio, The L.I.F.E Movement Studio™. This establishment caters for predominantly individual sessions, and small group sessions for all ages and abilities (for more information see services).  

Her clients include olympic athletes, professional athletes, industry professionals, children, elderly, musicians, disabled individuals, occupational athletes, corporate professionals; among others. Click here for more information regarding how exercise kinesiology will work for you, what to expect on your first consultation, and how your appointments are individualised in the way of sessions, lessons and treatment.